Havana Club 3
9 Aug. 2017
Fresh, alive, spontaneous… in Cuba cocktails are not about rare infusions or temperature-controlled cabinets, but throwing fresh ingredients together to enjoy the moment. Rum, sugar, and lime – what could be simpler than a classic Daiquiri? But still, to get that authentic Cuban taste you have to hit the right ratio: 2.1.1. That’s 2 parts alcohol to 1 part sweet to 1 part sour. It works for any cocktail, making home mixology a cinch! We’ve called it Havana 3style because with 2.1.1. as your basic rule you can freestyle with flavours. First see how easy it is with two Cuban favourites, the Frozen Daiquiri and the Mojito…

Havana 3style Frozen Daiquiri

Havana 3style Frozen Daiquiri Presentation

The Daiquiri lays claim to being the first Cuban cocktail, a quencher made with just what was to hand: rum, sugar and limes. With the advent of the electric blender it upped its game to become the lip-tingling drink it is today, with endless twists.
For the Havana 3style Frozen Daiquiri, first choose your part measure: for a single serving a standard English shot glass (25ml) is perfect. If making for a group you can use a larger glass or measuring jug to make several cocktails at once. Make your 2.1.1. mix with 2 parts rum, 1 part sugar and 1 part freshly squeezed lime, using your shot glass or other receptacle to measure out each ingredient. Then you just need to toss this in a blender with a cup of crushed ice, and whizz until smooth.


Want to add a touch of mint?

Havana 3style Mojito

Havana 3style Mojito Presentation

Yes, you’ve guessed it: the Mojito is nothing more than the Daiquiri twisted with mint and sparkling water. Once again, make your 2.1.1 mix with 2 parts rum to 1 part sugar and 1 part freshly squeezed lime, based on one English shot glass (25ml) per part per person. Muddle a couple of sprigs of mint with some ice in a glass. Add the 2.1.1. mix to fill around a third of the glass (according to personal taste), then simply top up with sparkling water.

Twist it!

Now you’ve got the hang of 2.1.1. with a twist, let your imagination run wild! Add a splash of liqueur, juice or soda, create a fruity Mojito or Daiquiri with fresh berries or passionfruit, experiment with ginger, chilli, thyme… With 2.1.1. as your base the possibilities are as many as the night is long.


Seeking inspiration?