Mai Tai


Made with Havana Club Especial

Here is a classic rum drink coming from the Tiki cocktail tradition: the Mai Tai prepared with the golden rum Havana Club Especial! This is a juicy, fruity cocktail. It may not be quintessentially Cuban, but our Havana Club Mai Tai is still pretty tasty… Try it if you don’t believe us!


Havana Club Especial rum

40 ml

Havana Club 7 rum

15 ml

Triple sec

15 ml

Orgeat Syrup

15 ml

Fresh Lime juice

25 ml

Ice cubes

  1. Put the Havana Club Especial, Havana Club 7 rum and Triple Sec in a shaker or large jar.

  2. Add the Orgeat Syrup, the lime and ice cubes.

  3. Shake it like you mean it for about 30 seconds.

  4. Strain into a cocktail glass and…salud!

The Mai Tai Cocktail, Sweet and Tangy

The Mai Tai’s Origins

The story of the Mai Tai begins in the mid-20th century, within the vibrant walls of the Tiki culture’s famed establishments. Credited to Trader Vic in 1944, with contested claims by Don the Beachcomber, the Mai Tai was originally concocted as a way to showcase the complexity of a high-quality rum. Its immediate popularity sparked a Tiki beverage craze that swept across the world, solidifying the drink’s place as a cornerstone of exotic cocktail menus. To this day, its origins evoke images of tropical escapism and the romance of mid-century Polynesian pop culture.

A Rich Bouquet of Exotic Notes

Which ingredients do you need to prepare a Mai Tai? A The Mai Tai is a dazzling dance of flavours and aromas, consisting of a harmonious blend of lime, orgeat, and rum. This tropical cocktail shines brightest on sunny days, beach parties, and any moment that calls for a burst of exuberant joy. With its bold personality and vibrant presentation, the Mai Tai effortlessly steals the show, becoming the centrepiece of any celebration.

Which Rum to Choose for the Original Mai Tai Recipe?

Havana Club Especial is at the heart of the Mai Tai. It’s sweet, thanks to its vanilla notes, and smooth, with a hint of caramel that flows effortlessly. The spicy notes come from a dash of cinnamon, while a zest of orange adds a bright, lively twist. This rum brings together the best of all worlds, creating a Mai Tai that’s not just a drink, but an experience.

Other Spicy Rum Cocktails

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Havana Special: This cocktail combines the sweetness of pineapple juice with the subtle vanilla notes of the Havana Club Especial rum. It’s a smooth blend that brings a slice of Havana’s vibrant life with every sip.

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