Made with Havana Club 7

Let the flavour of the Cuban rum Havana Club 7 shine through in the light, refreshing cocktail Saoco. It’s worth carving your way into a real green coconut to extract the juice when they’re in season. Keep it fresh!


Havana Club Añejo 7 Años rum

50 ml

Fresh Coconut Water

100 ml

Fresh Lime juice

25 ml

Ice Cubes

  1. Fill a glass with the ice cubes and add the Cuban rum Havana Club 7.

  2. Pour in the coconut water and stir.

  3. Squeeze in the juice of the lime wedge for extra freshness.

  4. Garnish with another lime wedge and…enjoy your cocktail!

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The Saoco Cocktail: A Trip to Cuba in a Glass

The Saoco Cocktail’s History

Saoco, a word believed to come from African languages and brought by the Afro-Cuban community, whispers of flavour while dancing to the rhythm of music and savoury delight. Since the 19th century, the Saoco drink has quenched the thirst of many along the sun-kissed beaches of Cuba and within the iconic walls like the ones of the El Floridita. Known as one of the classic Cuban cocktails, its preparation is almost as poetic as its history.

The Cocktail Ingredients

Time to take a closer look at the recipe of the Saoco, a cocktail that combines the distinguished flavours of the Havana Club 7 with the tropical kiss of coconut. It’s a duo meant to be: smoky whispers from this rum engaging with the coconut’s gentle caress. Offer this vibrant Cuban blend at lively gatherings or choose it for relaxed moments.

Havana Club 7: The Heartbeat of the Saoco

The Havana Club 7 is the right choice when it comes to preparing an authentic Saoco. Aged with patience for seven years, this rum has a story to tell, with notes of vanilla, caramel, and a hint of exotic fruits. A Saoco Cuban drink with this rum means inviting history and heritage into your glass, a celebration of flavours that makes every occasion a little more special.

Other Cuban Cocktails

Piña Colada: Where the Saoco whispers, the Piña Colada sings – with the creaminess of coconut milk, the sweetness of fresh pineapple juice, and the vibrant zest of lime. Havana Club 3 Años brings it all together for that sip of paradise you daydream about.

Spiced Coconut Water: Havana Club Cuban Spiced rum meets ice-cold coconut water and a spritz of lime for a rendezvous that is as breezy as a Havana beach. It’s the simplicity of the Saoco with a spicy whisper, turning each sip into a pleasant escape to the tropics.

Mai Tai: The zest of lime is an ingredient this cocktail shares with the Saoco, but then it jets off on its own journey. Havana Club Especial lays the foundation, with a little bit of Havana Club 7, crafting a drink that’s rich with fruity depth and a touch of sweetness from orgeat syrup.




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