Made with Havana Club 7

By many, the Canchanchara rum cocktail is considered to be the original Cuban drink and a natural forerunner to the Mojito and Daiquiri cocktails that followed. It is sublime in its simplicity and is a perfect expression of the “Cuban Trinity”: exceptional Cuban rum, sweetness from the honey water and sharpness from the fresh lime juice. Enjoy it amigos!


Havana Club 7 Años rum

50 ml

Honey Water (2 parts honey and 1 part warm water)

20 ml

Fresh Lime juice

20 ml

Ice Cubes

  1. Pour the honey water in a glass and ensure the honey is well dissolved in the water.

  2. Add the lime juice and rum, then stir.

  3. Top up the glass with the ice.

  4. Garnish with a lime wedge and…salud!


The Canchanchara Cocktail: Traditional and Invigorating

A Dive into History: The Canchanchara

The Cancha, short for Canchanchara, sprang from the heart of Cuba during the days of struggle for independence. Crafted by Mambises, the freedom fighters, it was a blend meant for warmth and rejuvenation. The drink combined local honey for its medicinal properties, the sharpness of citrus for vitality, and the fierce spirit of aguardiente, the rum’s raw ancestor. Over time, this tonic of fortitude became part of the treasured Cuban tradition. As the years passed, aguardiente evolved into refined rum, and the Cancha matured into a cocktail that now stands as a tribute to Cuba’s vibrant history and the enduring spirit of its people.

Flavours of the Cancha: More Than Just Ingredients

The Cancha cocktail weaves together simplicity and depth with its unique ingredients. Fresh lime juice infuses it with a bright acidity while the natural sweetness of honey balances the sharpness, adding a velvety texture. Water, a humble yet essential component, melds these flavours into a harmonious drink. Together, they create a refreshing cocktail that reflects the lively character of its Cuban heritage.

Havana Club 7 – A Must-Have-Rum for the Cancha

The Havana Club 7 stands for the sophistication of Cuban rum, making it the ideal choice for a Cancha. Matured for seven years in ex-Bourbon barrels, this rum exhibits a full spectrum of Cuban flavours. Notes of aromatic tobacco and lush tropical fruits complement the sweet warmth of honey. Each sip releases hints of rich brown spices and a dry finish of cocoa. The exceptional ageing process ensures a rum that not only enriches the cocktail but also connects the drinker to the vibrant Cuban life. Its versatility allows it to be savoured neat, on the rocks, or as the basis of a rich, tasty Cancha.

Two Variations for Cancha Lovers

Cancha Royale: The Cancha Royale offers a refined variation on the classic Canchanchara. By blending the Havana Club 7 Años rum with honey water and then adding a splash of champagne, this cocktail can be served to celebrate life’s special moments. This simple yet refined drink is a toast to the joys of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

Cancha Punch: A simple combination of honey, warm water, lime juice, and Havana Club 7 creates a rum punch that’s both easy to prepare and delightfully festive. With a splash of sparkling water, it’s sure to keep the party lively and your guests enchanted.



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