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Drink Made with White Rum Havana Club 3

This is a great exotic twist on our Frozen Daiquiri favourite. The addition of mango to our easy blender recipe gives the cocktail added colour, sweetness and smoothness. Tasty!

Frozen Mango Daiquiri

A tropical twist

Fruity, fresh and bright, a Frozen Mango Daiquiri made with white rum brings a taste of summer, no matter what time of year it is! There is something about the crisp, sweet taste of a mango cocktail that evokes a tropical feeling. And, just like its rum, Cuban mangoes are among the best in the world. The classic combination of rum and mango is a smooth celebration of Cuban culture. The underlying sweetness of Havana Club rum, which is distilled from molasses, sits perfectly against the soft tang of mango. This rum is also aged in ex Bourbon casks, which adds a subtle note of sweet caramel to the spirit.

A summer rum cocktail with mango is best enjoyed with plenty of slushy ice, and perhaps garnished with a slim slice of mango or a wedge of lime, for some extra zing. It is recommended that frozen mango daiquiris are served in a chilled cocktail glass. To go the extra mile, it is a nice touch to twirl the rim of the glass in lime juice and then dip it in sugar, for some next-level cocktail presentation.

Fruity cocktails

The tangy bite of any daiquiri cocktail makes these drinks a popular party favourite. Like many great food and drink recipes, Daiquiri cocktails were actually born by accident when an American miner ran out of gin while making gin sours for his guests. Rather than end the party there and call it a night, he replaced it with rum and a whole new level of cocktails emerged. Rum mixes beautifully with many types of fruits – from other citrus to tropical numbers like pineapple, mango and passion fruit. All cocktails based on tropical fruits like mango and pineapple are ideally served super chilled, shaken or blended.

White rum for Daiquiris

Havana Club white rum is an ideal base for a frozen mango cocktail, as well as any other rum cocktail such as Frozen Banana Daiquiri, Spiced Daiquiri, Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri or a Classic Daiquiri to name a few.

Havana Club 3 Años is light straw in colour and, as its name suggests, it has aged for at least 3 years. Notes of oak, sugar cane and molasses make up the taste white rum. It has a subtle citrus note that sits well against the tropical flavour of the mango in a frozen mango daiquiri. Celebrate cool Cuban culture with a chilled glass of this classic cocktail.


Tablespoon White Sugar or 20 ml Sugar syrup


Fresh Lime

25 ml

Slices Fresh Mango


Maraschino Liqueur

5 ml

Havana Club Añejo 3 Años

60 ml

Crushed Ice

1 Cup

Electric Blender

  1. Throw the sugar, Maraschino liqueur, rum, mango slices and ice into the blender. Squeeze in the lime juice.

  2. Blend until smooth.

  3. Serve in a cocktail glass and…salud!

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