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Homemade Cocktail with Havana Club 3 Rum

It’s a simple tropical twist on the popular Frozen Daiquiri. Adding fresh banana to our blender recipe is an easy extra step that will add a new flavour twist to this refreshing icy serve.

Frozen Banana Daiquiri

Put a Spin on Banana Daiquiri

The frozen banana daiquiri is a smooth, creamy take on a classic daiquiri. Made with fresh banana and plenty of ice, this summer cocktail is one for drinking by the pool as temperatures rise.

As well as frozen varieties made with blended ice, it’s easy to make a chilled version with just ice cubes- and there’s no blender needed. When it comes to the banana taste, as well as fresh banana there are plenty of banana syrups on the market that’ll give a stronger, punchier flavour, but they can sometimes be a little sweet and synthetic-tasting. Create a fun garnish with cherries, banana chips, and a wedge of lime.

Other Summery Rum Cocktails

•  Pineapple mojito. Just like a banana daiquiri, a pineapple mojito blends white rum and fresh fruit. This version doesn’t use blended ice, but a few ice cubes to keep it cool.
•  Mai tai. The perfect representation of a tiki bar at sunset, the mai tai has long been a favourite with holidaymakers.
•  Hurricane. Blending both light and dark rum, this cocktail was created in the glamorous New Orleans bars of the 1940s. Mix passionfruit juice, orange juice, and grenadine, and top with two maraschino cherries.
•  Pina Colada. Tropical flavours of coconut and pineapple come together in this super-summery drink. Cocktail umbrella optional!

More About Rum

Rum, as we know it today, was invented in the sugarcane plantations of the Caribbean. The spirit was refined and perfected over the years, especially in Cuba, before spreading all over the world. Although dark rum that’s been aged in barrels has been popular for many years- and still is- more modern versions of clear and pale rums have gained traction for their versatility in cocktails. Hundreds of drinks are made with rum, including the mojito, Cuba libre, and pina colada.

At Havana Club, we’re passionate about rum. We have a long history of working with some of the finest maestros in the business, including the world-renowned Don José Navarro. Our product highlights include Havana Club 7 Años, Havana Club 3 Años, Havana Club Especial, and Havana Club Cuban Spiced. Each rum is carefully created and aged, making an ideal base for dozens of different summer and winter cocktails.


Tablespoon White Sugar or 20 ml Sugar syrup


Fresh Lime juice

25 ml

Fresh Banana


Maraschino Liqueur

5 ml

Havana Club Añejo 3 Años

60 ml

Crushed Ice

1 Cup

Electric Blender

Frozen Banana Daiquiri
  1. Throw the sugar, Maraschino liqueur, rum, banana (broken into pieces) and ice into the blender. Squeeze in the lime juice.

  2. Blend until smooth.

  3. Serve in a cocktail glass and…salud!

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