Havana Club x Aries Arise announced their collaboration and partnership with photographer Joshua Gordon, to launch a multi-media project called ‘Butterfly’ which included the production of a limited edition bottle.

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Havana Club has teamed up with high-end fashion brand Aries Arise to give birth to a cultural project supporting Joshua Gordon in the creation of a new art piece on the street scene of Cuba, accompanied by a capsule collection of merchandise to be launched in November 2019.

Conceived and produced by Aries in collaboration with Havana Club, “BUTTERFLY” is a photography project shot over a month around the drag and trans community of Havana, Cuba.

All images are the result of Gordon’s immersion into the sub-culture of his subjects. The result is a raw yet poetic series of portrait images shot on polaroid, super-8 and 35ml and a 22 minute film.

Set alongside this documentary are a series of images shot in studio in a London studio by Gordon in collaboration with Aries creative director Sofia Prantera and famous stylist Jane How. Inspired by the iconic branded content of 70’s publications like Playboy, the images see Havana Club’s Giraldilla symbol recreated with body paint and gaudily branded, cross body sashes and ribbons.


Drag & Slide


Events in Milan, London, Berlin and Tokyo throughout November 2019 have showcased the work alongside the sale of a collectable coffee table book.

The unisex capsule collection of merchandise branded Aries x Havana Club was launched alongside. Key items featured Joshua’s Cuba photography, hand drawn illustrations and bespoke graphics and reworked logos across tees, socks, a cap and shirt.

Aries x Havana Club also have also collaborated on a design for the release of a limited-edition Havana 7 bottle and glasses, which have been sold and seeded using different channels.

All merchandising and books could be purchased on the Aries Arise website as well as at selected global stores including: 18 Montrose London, Slam Jam Milano, Sporadic Berlin and GR8, Tokyo.


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