“A Ride With” Stephen Tayo

Carte Blanche

Havana Club has the ambition to highlight new creatives and offer @havanaclub as a visibility platform.

“A ride with” is a carte blanche opened to Havana Club close collaborators and talents. We invite them to showcase one or more Havana Club products through a ride in one city.

This second “carte blanche” highlights the work of Stephen Tayo in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Stephen Tayo


stephen.tayo started as a street-style photographer, highlighting the unique energy of the Nigerian capital.

Stephen is now renowned for his work putting the spotlight on the Nigerian subcultures in bright and vivid snapshots, paying hommage to his roots and giving a unique insight on the West African culture. Last summer, he shot the #HavanaClubxSkepta campaign in Cuba.

Today, he is back with havanaclub with an exclusive series in Lagos, starring our Havana Club Iconica collection


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