“A Ride With” Bishop Nast

Carte Blanche

Havana Club has the ambition to highlight new creatives and offer @havanaclub as a visibility platform.

“A ride with” is a carte blanche opened to Havana Club close collaborators and talents. We invite them to showcase one or more Havana Club products through a ride in one city.

This first “carte blanche” is all about the photographer Bishop Nast and its hometown of Clichy-sous-Bois.

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Bishop Nast


Bishop Nast is a French street photographer known for empowering what is called the “Grand Paris” and its people through film photography.

During the lockdown, Bishop was struck by the emptiness of places where the neighbourhood usually likes to meet up and hang out. Bishop Nast wanted to capture the strange vibe of these uncertain times where people still find ways to link up with each other to enjoy a bit of conviviality.

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