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Cuban Punch - Frozen Daiquiri Batch


Easy Drinks with Havana Club 3 Rum for Many

Our Frozen Daiquiri recipe is the perfect party serve and lends itself well to creating batches for a large number of guests. All you’ll need to get started is a blender and don’t be afraid to toss in some fresh banana or strawberries too for an added fruity twist!

Frozen Daiquiri Batch

A cocktail with true Cuban roots

The Daiquiri is one of the most iconic cocktails in the world. With true Cuban roots, its popularity spread around the world in the second half of the 20th century. Traditionally shaken with ice to chill and then strained, the frozen variety is instead blended with ice.
The frozen version is probably the most famous of all Daiquiri variations. It’s a widely available cocktail. It is especially popular in warm locations, where holidaymakers and party goers are looking for something to help them stay cool. The blend of sweet and sour flavours makes it super refreshing. The ice keeps things light, making it the perfect choice for an afternoon thirst-quencher. This zingy, super-cool cocktail is ideal for small gatherings and al fresco meals. It’s the perfect welcome drink for a BBQ, or even just for a Friday wind-down to share with friends.

A crowd-pleasing batch recipe

A refreshing rum-based cocktail which is simple to prepare and easy to drink, this Frozen Daiquiri Batch recipe makes enough to serve up to ten people. Cool down in style with this crowd-pleasing cocktail.

The recipe calls for all of the traditional ingredients of a Daiquiri, including rum, lime juice and sugar. However, the addition of a dash of maraschino liqueur adds a deep note of cherries and an extra level of sweetness to this drink. Like all Daiquiris, a quality rum is key. We recommend using Havana Club Añejo 3 Años for this cocktail, our iconic white rum.

The base recipe for this rum drink is versatile, making it easy to add a twist. A wide choice of fruits will blend perfectly into it, but fresh strawberry or mango are particularly good options. Simply add a serving of chopped fruit into the blender with the rest of the ingredients, but just remember to put some to one side for garnish.

The perfect party pitcher, this jug will make enough for ten. No special skills are required to make this easy cocktail, apart from being able to work a blender. There’s no shaking and no straining in the making of this crowd-pleasing cocktail.

Pour the cocktail into long-stemmed cocktail glasses such as martini or coupe glasses. Serve each drink with a paper straw and a slice of lime. If the recipe is adapted with fruit, such as strawberry, thinly slice and place the fruit over the edge of the glass as an additional garnish.



Tablespoons White Sugar (or 200 ml sugar syrup)


Fresh Lime juice

250 ml

Maraschino liqueur

50 ml

Havana Club Añejo 3 Años

600 ml

Crushed Ice

6 Cups

Electric Blender

  1. Throw the sugar, Maraschino liqueur, rum and ice into the blender. Squeeze in the lime juice.

  2. Blend until smooth.

  3. Serve to your guests in cocktail glasses (or a paper cup!) and…salud!


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