Old Fashioned Week is back!

Havana Club 7
27 Oct. 2017

From 2-11 November bars all over the planet will celebrate the world’s most popular cocktail in classic form and with new, creative twists – a treat for rum aficionados wherever you are.

With roots going back to the very first cocktails, the Old Fashioned has more than stood the test of time, hitting the top spot once again on the World’s Best Bars list of the 50 most popular cocktails. What’s more, the Rum Old Fashioned made the list for the first time this year, going straight in at number 21. Nostalgia, or the search for perfection in our post-millennial world? Either way, the Old Fashioned is very much on trend, and it’s also a drink that tests bartenders’ ingenuity as they seek to create a new masterpieces from the much-loved formula.
If you’re salivating already, no need to worry. This map will guide you easily to the nearest establishment in 37 countries where master bartenders have their bitters at the ready to mix their personal twist on the perennial favourite, together with themed nights and masterclasses on building the drink.

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Rum Old fashioned recipe

Rum offers a different take on the traditional bourbon or rye, and is gaining a large following among Old Fashioned fans. A lesson in sophisticated simplicity, this cocktail offers the perfect vehicle for continuously aged Havana 7 to unfold its rich layers of flavour, drawn out by aromatic bitters and brought alive by the oils of freshly pared orange zest.
Multiply by the number of Rum Old Fashioned cocktails you wish to make:
50 ml Havana 7
2 dashes of The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters
1 teaspoon sugar
1 twist of orange peel
3 ice cubes
In a lowball glass, dissolve the sugar and the bitters in the Havana 7.
Fill the glass with ice and stir to dilute the ice for 30 seconds.
Garnish with a twist of orange peel for the classic look and aromatic, bittersweet flavour.