15 Mar. 2018

Café Madrigal is the sort of place that Hemingway would have liked in his Paris days because it’s fiercely intellectual and intense. You could describe it as an artistic meeting point: you’ll be feeling creative yourself after an El Presidente made with Havana Club 7-year old. And the café has never looked better since owner Rafael Rosales spent a whole year renovating the original 1919 structure. While the bare brick walls reveal the work of the stonemasons behind the emerging 20th century El Vedado, they also tell the story of Rosales’s life through art, pictures and artifacts. We love Café Madrigal for the history of both the building and the man, so come check it out! Who knows who you’ll meet?

Calle 17 #302 (altos) e/ 2 y 4, Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba