Latinoamericano Stadium

15 Mar. 2018

Baseball is the national sport in Cuba, and whether you appreciate its finer points or not, the best way to understand the Cuban passion for the sport is to get to a game. Half sporting event, half party, catch a game during the Cuban National Series (Serie Nacional de Béisbol) to experience a rush of wild enthusiasm that even the American majors can’t rival. The National Series has 16 teams, one for each province plus Havana. Check out Havana’s team, the powerhouse Industriales on their home turf in Havana’s Latinoamericano stadium (Estadio Latinoamericano), or consult the Baseball de Cuba site to follow the action around the country. The gates often open hours before an important game, and the atmosphere is electric, so we suggest you go early to really enjoy the festivities. The 90-game season runs from November to February, but if your trip falls outside these dates, you can still visit the Estadio Latinoamericano to soak up residual vibes, or follow the sound of shouting to the Esquina Caliente. This is Havana’s “Hot Corner”, across from the Capitolio at Parque Central, so named because Cuban baseball’s biggest fans gather there to heatedly debate the sport.

Pedro Pérez #302, e/ Patria y Sarabia, Cerro, Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba