La Guarida

15 Mar. 2018

La Guarida, Spanish for “the hideout” is a setting steeped in Havana’s cultural history, and an ideal spot to enjoy your Havana Club 15 year Old. This mythical paladar, or privately owned restaurant, was one of the first to open in Havana in the 1990s. Its story is equally intriguing: that of filmmakers Juan Carlos Tabío and Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, who used the mansion in their hit film, Fresa y Chocolate, nominated for a 1994 Foreign Language Oscar. At the time it housed the parents of budding restaurant proprietor Enrique Núñez del Valle, who were continually interrupted at dinner by fans looking for “la guarida” seen in the film. Enrique saw his chance and years later the restaurant still provides a safe refuge for excellent Cuban cuisine in an old world ambiance. Cross the first floor of the former mansion, brush past the drying laundry and mount the marble staircase to the restaurant on the top floor. The faded elegance combined with friendly, discreet service makes La Guarida the perfect hideout to enjoy an after-dinner neat Havana Club.

Concordia #418 e/ Gervasio y Escobar, Centro Habana, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba