La Canchánchara bar

16 Mar. 2018

If Trinidad’s architectural heritage isn’t enough to tempt you to the province of Sancti Spíritus, we have another good reason: La Canchánchara. This original version of the daiquiri made with rum, lime juice and honey is still the daiquiri of choice in rural areas. It’s history is intimately connected with Cubans’ fight for independence from Spain. According to Cuba, The Legend of Rum, freedom fighters kept bottles of it strapped to their saddles to quench their thirst and ease the pain of the wounded. Try this Cuban classic cocktail at the Taberna la Canchánchara. Sit around long enough to enjoy the local musicians who frequently drop by for spontaneous jam sessions and more often than not, get the crowd up on their feet. After a canchánchara or two, head over to the Sol y Son paladar. This restaurant has everything you need: beautiful antiques, an elegant terrace and excellent food. An eloquent trovador serenades you during dinner too.

Antonio Guiteras #226, Trinidad, Cuba