Iván Chef Justo

14 Mar. 2018

Iván Chef Justo has quickly managed to gain a growing clientele in the ever-widening circle of private restaurants in Havana. The modern Cuban cuisine is constantly changing with what’s available at the market, providing diners with many a surprise. The chef proudly uses only fresh organic produce. Incredible salads, tacos, fish, meat and seafood of some variety are a constant. Chef Justo recommends the caldereta (fish stew) and the paella. We, on the other hand, had our eyes on the fish filets and the suckling pig. While some have struggled to find the place – it used to be known simply by name and not by address – it’s current popularity has cleared up this problem. It’s actually quite easy to find: opposite the Revolution Museum on the Old Havana side, although if you can’t find it, just ask someone. The building is lovely too: an 18th century colonial mansion that will make you want to linger over your delicious meal. Everybody who goes to Iván Chef Justo recommends the place—including us. Don’t forget to reserve!

Aguacate #9 esq. a Chacón, Habana Vieja, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba