El Gato Tuerto

14 Mar. 2018

We’ve been to a lot of bars in Cuba and we’ll admit it: Havana is a phenomenal revolutionary city, but it doesn’t have many modern, stylish bars. If that’s what you’re looking for, then spend at least one evening at El Gato Tuerto. The intimate ambiance in this bar/restaurant is reminiscent of a late-night piano bar. Where at one time you might have heard Omara Portuondo, today it’s Ivette Cepeda and Osdalgia giving you shivers. Here the specialty is filin, from the English feeling, which gives you an idea of the emotional charge of this Cuban brand of bolero jazz. They also make a mean pina colada, so be sure to order one while you listen to the sensational music with the young, beautiful Cuban crowd. Located near the Hotel Nacional, it’s a great spot if you want to check out more of a fancy Cuban scene beyond Old Havana.

Calle G y 17, Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba