Danza Contemporanea de Cuba

14 Mar. 2018

If you’re into the more creative side of dance, you might find Cuba’s contemporary dance companies inspiring. Founded in 1959, Cuba’s leading contemporary dance company has had a profound influence on Cuban dance and dancers. Danza Contemporánea de Cuba has evolved into what one Guardian journalist called “an exotic hybrid of contemporary, classical and Caribbean styles.” While the company spends part of the year touring abroad, serious fans might try to sneak into a midday rehearsal when they’re at home. While DanzAbierta has been around since the 1980s, we think it has recently been given a real boost by new director Susana Pous. Or check out dancer/choreographer Isabel Bustos and her company Retazos, who in April turn the balconies, stairs and even walls of Old Havana into impromptu stages. Last but not least is the XXL dance company, Danza Voluminosa, led by Juan Miguel Mas. Outsized women in the world of classical dance? Now that’s revolutionary!

Teatro Nacional de Cuba, Paseo y 39, Plaza de la Revolución Ciudad de La Habana, 10400, Cuba