Che Guevara’s Monument and Memorial

16 Mar. 2018

If you’ve ever had a Che Guevara t-shirt or poster, you might enjoy a day walking in the iconic revolutionary’s footsteps. Santa Clara is the home of the Che monument, mausoleum and museum complex. The vast square is guarded by a bronze statue of El Che that was erected in 1987 to mark the 20th anniversary of his murder in Bolivia. The mausoleum contains 38 stone-carved niches dedicated to the other guerrillas who fell in the failed Bolivian revolution. In 1997 the remains of 17 of them, including Guevara, were recovered from a secret mass grave in Bolivia and repatriated to this site. That same year, Fidel Castro himself lit the eternal flame that burns here. Visit the adjacent museum for a brief history of Che Guevara’s life and death.

Ave. de los Desfiles, Santa Clara, Villa Clara