Di-Meh : Fake Love Release Party


10 Jun. 2019
Di-Meh came to Paris on May 10 to present his new project "Fake Love". Havana Club was of course the official supplier of its release party. The opportunity to introduce him to our Havana Club 7 rum and our cocktails: Havana Cancha and Havana Daiquiri.

Di-Meh, a 23-year-old rapper from Geneva, came to Paris to the 1999 Club to present his new project "Fake Love". The party started with the projection of Natas3000's skateboard movie, then we had the opportunity to listen exclusively to his new album released on May 10, 2019. Following this exclusive listening, Di-Meh performed a one-hour mini-concert.
There were many guests in the club with Orelsan, Lomepal, Slimka and Mehdi Maïzi among others. We also met our Belgian friends from Check with Martin Vachiery who was here to immortalize the release party. Find the Check article here.

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