Nube Roja 
Rock band

Anthuan Perugorría and Lázaro Peña’s friendship dates that back to their elementary school days when they were taking their first musical steps with the piano and violin, respectively. Now in their mid-twenties, the two friends have not only changed instruments—Anthuan is a drummer and Lázaro plays the keys— but have also founded Nube Roja, a music project clearly aimed at a young audience that is gradually finding its sound and building up its repertoire. 

After touring for years as backing musicians for a long list of prestigious Cuban artists—Kelvis Ochoa, Descemer Bueno, Danay Suárez, Haydée Milanés, X-Alfonso… — Anthuan and Lázaro decided that the time had come for Nube Roja to walk on its own two feet:  “We have been nourished from all this and with all this richness, we decided to make our own music, which had always been what interested us,” says Anthuan. 

On top of the keys and battery, the group comprises a guitar and a bass. They have already recorded two video clips for the songs, “Dibujemos el camino” and “Sin control”, directed by Anthuan’s dad, the renowned actor Jorge Perugorría. “We love rock ‘n roll, funk, blues, soul, Cuban music…” says Anthuan. They describe the sound they hope to achieve for Nube Roja as a fusion of “vintage” with more modern influences (electronic, Bruno Mars…). 

“[In Cuba], there’s a huge lack of information and that makes it difficult to mature as a musician,” says Anthuan. “But sometimes when you don’t have it easy, you focus. And that’s something that I really admire in Cuban young people that take the time to search, search and search…” adds Lázaro. 

Anthuan and Lázaro are convinced that they will be stronger if they stay close to each other: “Always together,” says Lázaro. “We are more than family.” They also have dreams of maintaining a stable line-up for the band: “Establishing a sound really depends on it; on playing together for a long time.”

And if someone tells them that they don’t look or sound Cuban? “That’s the beauty of it!” says Antoine. “That we don’t look Cuban but we are.” He then proceeds to give us a detailed explanation of the tattoos on his arm, which include a phrase by Cuban independence leader Antonio Maceo and a machete, “a tool used in the sugarcane fields that became a weapon of liberation.”