Los Confidenciales 
Reggaeton band

As they proudly claim on the cover of their 2010's album, La Yutong de Matanzas, the five members of Los Confidenciales are not from Havana or Santiago, but from the northern Cuban province of Matanzas, famous for its strong art scene. Thanks to the international hit Aceite y Agua, the band became last year's best new group in the Cubaton movement, clearly representing the new wave of talent in the genre.

After having made their first steps in the Cuban hip-hop world, Lester AKA Mr Rey, Miguel AKA Papito, Omar AKA Yomar, Rasiel AKA El Chama and El Chaca started the band with the aim of taking part in the blooming Cubaton movement. Early on the group realized that they were onto something special with the first single they recorded.

"I recorded Aceita Y Agua at home with no special intention", Mr Rey recalls, before admitting that since the record's release, his band has had the opportunity to work "with the biggest projects of Cuba, something that I've never even dreamed about." Following the great reception of the song, Los Confidenciales released a handful of other tracks that helped build their current fan base, such as Mira Quien Llegò, El Cocotazo and Relajate Tata.

Now considered as one of the best representatives of the Cubaton, the band wishes to maintain the strong connection it has with its homeland, and more precisely with its everyday street language. "I always use typical slang expressions", Mr Rey explains. Though committed to representing their own culture through their music,their musical talent and universally appealing lyrics have gained fans around the world. In fact, Los Confidenciales are currently planning their first international tour.