Reggaeton artist

Leandro Molina, alias Insurrecto, was only 15 years old when he got involved in the hip-hop scene, in 1998. "Back then, we were using American backgrounds, like Dr Dre, 2Pac or Notorious BIG", he recalls. Through the famous Alamar Rap Festival, one of Cuba's most prominent hip hop events, Leandro made his first steps into the music world, alongside many future Cubaton stars, such as Gente de Zona. "We were a lot of young talents, willing to throw the truth into the microphone", he explains.

Born in El Cerro, one of Havana's fifteen boroughs, Insurrecto intends to stay deeply connected to his roots. "This neighborhood is my truth, my laughs, my tears, my victory, my defeat. It's mine", he insists, stating that the social realities of his birthplace remain his first source of inspiration when it comes to his lyrics.

After his hip-hop debut with the band Triángulo Oscuro, Insurrecto chose to turn to the successful Cubaton movement. Like a lot of his musical peers, he chose this path in order to make a career out of his passion. "I had to do it, because I didn't want to do music as a hobby, I wanted to make a living out of it", he explains.

Completely self-taught and describing himself as a "street talent", he teamed up with promising musician and producer Baby Lores, in 2004. The two created a duo and joined the famous Cubaton band Clan 537. Thanks to songs like "El Mujer de Pelotero" or "La Caperucita", they gained a quick and widespread following. "Since then", he explains, "I can be Insurrecto not only on a national level, but everywhere in the world".

Since 2007, Insurrecto has on solo work. His popularity has allowed him to work with the most respected and talented of the Cubaton artists, with whom he recorded many singles, such as "Dale Sin Susto" (with Gente de Zona), "Tu Fanatico" (with Elvis Manuel and Jacob) or "Ando Solo Y Tu Sola" (with El Micha). Apart from these appearances, Leandro made a major breakthrough in 2010 with the song "Cerro Cerrao" and its video, which has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube!

Worldly renowned for his unique vocal imprint, Insurrecto published his latest solo album, "Laberinto", last January, a new and brilliant path in his blooming career that will soon lead him to tour across Europe and the US.