Baby Lores 
Reggaeton artist

Born in Cabonao, a small village next to the city of Cienfuegos, Yoandys "Baby Lores" González grew up in the countryside and considers himself a true guajiro, or peasant. The young man didn't turn to music by chance: he was meant to do it. "Every Sunday was like a party in my home, because my grandfather was a poet and played luth and guitar. He used to take me to a park next to our home, where people gathered to sing songs about the country life", he recalls.

Surrounded by musicians at home, he soon developed his abilities to play several instruments and to sing. Equally comfortable behind a piano, a guitar, a drum kit or a microphone, he is considered a true musical prodigy and started his career at the tender age of 11, with the Cienfuegos-based kids' band Ismaelillo.

At the age of 16, Yoandis moved to Havana, where he lives today. His talented musicianship and unique vocals quickly made him one of the most demanded musicians in town. Those abilities led him to work and record as a session musician and a producer for Regueton legends like Yulién, Eddy K or Gente de Zona. 

But Baby Lores didn't intend to remain in the shadows of the studios. As the Cubaton movement was booming, he decided to step into the light. "I said to myself: `well, everybody's doing it, everybody's becoming famous, that looks easy, I can do it'", he says. So, in 2004, he created a duo with his friend Insurrecto before joining the legendary band Clan 537. The two soon became famous with such hits as "La mujer del pelotero" or "La Caperucita".

After interrupting his collaboration with Insurrecto in 2007, Baby Lores started a new duet, with fellow Cubaton singer El Chacal, writing several hits ("Ella se va de control", "Si tú la vieras") before starting a true solo career in 2009.

Today, he has become one of the island's most talked-about artists, and "can't even walk down the streets anymore". Even if he stays involved in the production world, he remains focused on his own music and has published many singles, including "Dime qué más", his recent collaboration with world-famous Cuban rapper Roldan, member of the cult hip hop band Orishas.