Reggaeton artist

Mileidys González, alias Alkana, is one of the main ambassadors of the feminine branch of the Cubaton Hip Hop. Describing herself as a true "feminist", she regrets the lack of representation that afflicts women in her musical scene. "If you speak about hip-hop, you'll always end up speaking about men first, and you'll have to dig deeper to find something else. That scandalizes me, because there's a lot of women doing a great job", she explains.

Born in Santiago de Cuba, Alkana was at the forefront of the emergence of the Cubaton movement, surrounded by pioneer artists such as CandyMan or the famous band Kola Loka. At the tender age of 16, Alkana made a spectacular debut by founding the Feminist Hip Hop movement in her hometown, through her band Alto Voltaje, in which she performed the leading role of MC.

Even though the group has now disbanded, it was a way for her to make the female presence known in a male-dominated music scene. As she puts it: "it was more a warning shot than a goal on its own". Aside from her musical activism, Mileidys led a successful school career and graduated with a degree in Sociology from the Universidad de Oriente last summer.

Since then, she has chosen to dedicate herself to her "polyvalent" artistic career. Also involved in the entertainment business, she spent the last two years working as a singer and a dancer on a parade float. "The cabaret world has nothing to do with the hip hop world, but, as I have the chance to be immersed in it, I'll just take what I like from it and throw the rest away", she says.

That said, her loyality definitively goes to the Cubaton Hip Hop medium, where she finds "a true freedom of speech"."It gives you the freedom to say what you want, how you want, when you want it", she explains. Focused on the live experience, Alkana recorded few songs but still found the time to make her first major breakthrough in 2008 with "Trompetica", her famous duet with fellow Cuban rapper Mikael.