Havana Club Unión, the first rum specially created for cigar-connoisseurs

27 Apr. 2017
How does Havana Club Unión acquire its full-bodied flavour and aromatic finish? It’s the way we make and age it…

The marriage of two traditions deeply rooted in Cuban culture, Havana Club Unión was developed by Maestro del Ron Cubano Asbel Morales and the renowned Cuban cigar sommelier Fernando Fernández. Don Asbel was inspired by how tobacco leaves are aged, blended and matured to create Unión, whose smoky notes, flavour of dried fruit and chocolate and aromatic finish match the creamy texture and full-bodied flavour of the Cohiba Siglo VI cigar.

“'Havana Club Unión and Cohiba Cigars represent distinguished expressions from the same soil and authentic tradition; their shared origins and rich heritage make them natural partners. It was an honour to collaborate with Cigar Sommelier Fernando Fernandez to create this prestige rum, which presents notes of sweet vanilla, chocolate and dried fruit flavours”.

Asbel Morales