Havana Club 15 Años, a limited-edition extra-aged rum

27 Apr. 2017
What gives Havana Club 15 Años its elegance and cascade of flavours? It’s the way we make and age it…

Havana Club 15 Años acquires its complex flavours over a minimum of 15 years’ ageing. Just 58 barrels a year of Havana Club Añejo 15 Años are produced, the result of a stringent selection process, blending and re-ageing in oak barrels. Some parts of HC15 are several decades old, with the intense evaporation in the tropical climate (the “angel's share”) helping to concentrate the flavours and rare smoothness that will truly reward connoisseurs.

“Añejo 15 Años has the brightest elements of Cuban rum: an exceptionally long and quality ageing process that results in a luxurious, smooth mouth-feel, with incomparably softness of tannins and a very fruity aroma.”
Don Juan Carlos Gonzalez