Havana Club 3
27 Apr. 2017
In 2015, Havana Club released a new advertising campaign entitled ‘You Just Know When It’s From The Heart’, which seeks to bring the brand’s values to life to consumers around the world.

Havana Club 3 Year Old Rum comes from the generosity of the rich Cuban soil, its finest sugarcane and our Maestros del ron Cubano, love and respect for their art. Born from the passion of Cuban people and their unique spirit, our rum reflects the spontaneity of a shared moment with friends, blending warmth and sincerity.

Our rum comes from the heart. And it shows!

You just know when it’s from the heart

Havana Club 3 Year Old Rum is launching a snappy but heartfelt new ad campaign in digital, television, print and billboards. The brand’s new catchphrase – ‘You just know when it’s from the heart’ – embodies the authenticity and creative energy of the Cuban culture, expressed in each and every bottle of our rum. Through the passion of a musician playing, the laughter of a couple dancing, the care of a cantiñero* making a Mojito or the emotion of our Head Maestro Ronero talking about what rum means to him, this campaign illustrates the fire of the Cuban soul mirrored in the swirling liquid in their glasses.

* Bartenders in Cuba are named cantiñeros