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Retrosuperfuture and Havana Club come together to celebrate Havana as an inspiration: the culture, the city and the acetate. Throughout a capsule collection and a series of e-events, we cheer to the arts and craftsmanship of today’s scene. From Havana: the city, the rum, the material, stretching globally throughout 5 cities: Milano, Berlin, Moscow, Shanghai and Havana, Cuba.




The acetate globally known as “Havana” has been forever an icon in the eyewear world, its name comes from the particular pigments of the Cuban tobacco leaves as they are drying to then become cigars. By creating an exclusive release of sunglasses, limited-edition bottle, long sleeve tee, and unique domino set in havana acetate, the two brands unite cultural urban scenes globally.


For each city of the tour, the two brands have selected one ambassador that represents an organic growth in the local creative scene, therefore underlining their constant search of craftsmanship in today’s artistic culture. These ambassadors will team up with the Retrosu-perfuture and Havana Club for a series of online talks with their public fan base for a discus-sion on their work and their process of creation: from inspiration to conception. After all, the inspiration from tobacco leaves gave the name “havana” to the acetate, and havana acetate, in turn, inspired the RSF / Havana Club collection.