In June 2019, Krisy, Darrell Cole, K1D and Saskia travelled to Cuba with Havana Club, the authentic Cuban rum brand, heading into the studio with Cuban artists Daymé Arocena and Kumar to record a brand-new EP, titled “Havana Club Sessions Vol. 1”. The album and video were released on October 25th, followed by an official release party with a live show on November 8th, 2019, at Bloody Louis in Brussels.

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Havana Club Sessions VOL.1

Havana Club Sessions VOL.1

Krisy, Darrell Cole, K1D and Saskia are always on the lookout for new inspiration, and recently found it in Cuba’s music and culture. Each of the six tracks on this EP, which is called “Havana Club Sessions Vol. 1”, is a celebration of Havana’s sultry and steamy rhythm.

“The whole setting was my biggest inspiration. You really feel as if you’ve set foot in a different world here.” – KRISY

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