• Havana Club Cuban Spiced takes inspiration from the vast tropical world of Cuba. Blending our double aged rum with exotic flavours and warming spiced. It balances sweet vanilla and aromatic spiced with hints of juicy ripe guava, toasted coconut and fresh pineapple. Havana Club Cuban Spiced pair perfectly with cola, ginger beer as well as an ingredient to enrich classic cocktails such as a Spiced Daiquiri or Spiced Espresso Martini.

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Havana Club Cuban Spiced

Tasting profiles

Havana Club Cuban spiced takes inspiration from the vast tropical world of Cuba, blending our double aged rum with exotic flavours and warming spices. It balances juicy, ripe guava, fresh pineapple and toasted green coconut with sweet vanilla and warming spices.




The Art of Cocktail-Making

Mixologists in movies are always performing complicated tricks and making amazingly complex drinks, but in reality, most cocktails are easy enough for novices to whip up. It’s important to keep plenty of ice on hand, as almost all cold cocktails require a generous amount, as well as key ingredients such as lime, mint, sugar, and flavoured liqueurs and syrups. Cocktail-making equipment isn’t always necessary, but most recipes call for a cocktail shaker, jigger, and a mixing spoon.

Our Havana Club Cuban Spiced rum adds a little something extra to classic Cuban cocktails like Daiquiris or Mojitos. As with many spiced rums, there are hints of cloves, cinnamon, and star anise, but there are also notes of guava, pineapple coconut, and vanilla. This blend of flavours perfectly reflects the exotic flora of Havana Club’s birthplace, Cuba.

Cocktails with Spiced Rum

•  Spiced mojito. Mojitos usually call for white rum, but using a spiced variety is a great way to mix things up. Sweet and fruity, lime juice adds zest and mint adds freshness. It should be served over plenty of ice.
•  Espresso Rum-tini. A tiki twist on a modern classic. Exotic flavours marry perfectly with rich coffee and chocolate notes.
•  Dark and stormy. Replace dark rum with spiced; the ginger beer of this cocktail is the perfect pairing to bring out the cinnamon and cloves. A squeeze of lime is a zingy finishing touch.


There are plenty of other rums that can work as an alternative in cocktails. Havana Club 7 Años is versatile enough to be used in mixed drinks as well as neat or on the rocks, and has notes of honey, spices, tobacco, and tropical fruits. Havana Club Especial has a warm, golden colour, somewhere between a white rum and a dark rum. With sweet vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, and orange, it works well in lots of cocktails and is a great compliment to cola.


Cocktail recipes often use terms that might be confusing to newbies. Here are some of them:
•  Muddling: bruising the herbs and crushing fruit at the bottom of a glass or shaker
•  Shaking : using a cocktail shaker filled with ice to chill and dilute your mix.
•  Blending: using an electronic blender to blitz ingredients/ice
•  Floating: like layering, but with one final ingredient on top of an already-mixed drink, often by pouring it over the back of a spoon
•  Garnishing: placing cherries, cinnamon sticks, or pieces of fruit on top or in the drink, or around the rim of the glass