Spiced Mojito


Rum Cocktail Recipe with Havana Club Cuban Spiced

Try the easy cocktail recipe Spiced Mojito, an old favorite of rum lovers. This elevated version is slightly sweeter, fruitier and has a warmer finish thanks to its combination of Cuban Spiced rum, lime, sugar and mint. What more do you need?

Spiced Mojito

Havana Club Cuban Spiced Rum

Our recipe for spiced mojitos is based on our Cuban spiced rum, with added sugar, mint, lime juice, and soda water, all poured over a generous amount of ice. Our spiced rum takes inspiration from the tropical landscape of its birthplace: Cuba. As well as the traditional spices, notes include toasted coconut, ripe guava, pineapple, and vanilla.

Spiced rum has grown in popularity in recent years, due to its depth of flavour from added spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and star anise, as well as elements of citrus fruits. It’s a great accompaniment rum for a cocktail that utilises the rich flavour, including spiced mojitos.

How Our Spiced Rum is Made

Our Cuban Spiced rum is made from the highest quality Cuban sugarcane. Aged for up to 7 years and blended with natural fruits and spices, our products reflect decades of knowledge and skill. Each Maestro del Ron Cubano is trained for 15 years to ensure they are able to select the best ingredients, monitor the distillation process, and develop the most harmonious blends. We even have our own museum, the Havana Club Rum Museum, where visitors can learn about every detail of the rum-making process.

Fruity Mojitos

As well as mojitos made with spiced rum, they can be made with a variety of other ingredients. Strawberry, mango, watermelon and other fresh fruits are often added, at times as well as flavoured liqueurs.

Spiced Rum Cocktails

As well as mojitos, spiced rum is a great addition to a number of other cocktails. These recipes are all easy-to-follow and can be made at home.

•  Pineapple mojito. Pineapple juice is a great way to bring out the naturally sweet flavours of spiced rum. Mint and lime keep this drink refreshing and summery.
•  Spiced hurricane. This version of a hurricane blends regular white rum with spiced rum, orange juice, lime juice, and grenadine. For a tropical flavour, pineapple, mango or passionfruit juice or syrup can also be added.
•  Espresso Rum-tini: tropical flavours are married perfectly with rich coffee and chocolate notes in this twisted modern classic.


Havana Club Cuban Spiced rum

50 ml


2 tsp

Mint Stems


Fresh Lime Juice

25 ml


25 ml

Ice Cubes

  1. Put sugar, lime juice and Cuban Spiced rum into glass, stir until sugar dissolved

  2. Slap mint stems in hand, add to glass

  3. Fill glass with ice, stir 2-3 times, top with soda

  4. Garnish your drink with mint sprig & pineapple slice

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