Havana Club 3
16 Feb. 2017

What makes the authenticity our rums is the ageing process. That is the key to their unique taste, aroma and appearance. Even though Havana Club 3 might be one of our youngest rums, it still goes through a 3 years of Añejamiento – or ‘ageing”.  

For sure, this ageing process takes time, but it’s really worth it. Some of the most gifted Maestros Roneros use all their savoir faire to extract and select the best varieties of aged rum bases before blending it and bottling it. 

Havana Club 3 is a pure Cuban rum, and everybody knows Cuba is the one and only “Isle of Rum” thanks to its combination of world-known sugar cane, favorable weather, rich soils and the expertise of Maestros Roneros. 

Now, let’s talk about how is Havana Club 3 made! 

1)    Sugarcane is harvested, it’s called “La Zafra”. Cuba’s first Spanish colonizers referred to the island’s sugarcane as “White Gold”. 
2)    The sugarcane is pressed to extract its juice, called Guarapo, before it’s being boiled to form “miel de caña de azucar”, sugarcane honey. 
3)    The sugarcane honey is fermented during 24 hours to produce “el Vino de Cana” or sugarcane wine. 
4)    This sugarcane wine is then heated again, distilled and condenses to obtain “Aguardiente”, the rum-to-be. 
5)    Then begins the “Añejamiento” process of the Aguardiente for at least 3 years in white oak barrels before being purified and aged again.