Discover Havana 7
Continuous Ageing Process

10 Mar. 2017
The secret of Havana 7...

Maestros roneros often say Havana 7 iconic rum is the incarnation of our living heritage, but why? You must already have heard about its unique layers and flavors of vanilla, cocoa and even fruits, but do you know where it comes from? The secret is the continuous ageing process.

Behind a bottle of Havana 7 is a very long process that involves several rum bases. The youngest base is 7 years old, the oldest ones can reach several decades old. Each season, a portion of newly made Havana 7 goes back into the barrel to continue maturing. This cyclical ageing process is key to obtain a rum so special, that you can enjoy it neat or twisted. Embrace the exuberant Cuban nights thanks to the Cuban rum tradition.