Mai Tai


Ginger Ale Drink Made with Havana Club 7 Rum

Sweet, spicy & refreshing! Essentially a twist on the Cuba Libre cocktail using ginger ale instead of cola, combined with Havana Club 7’s aromas and a sharp squeeze of lime. For a more fiery hit switch out the ginger ale for ginger beer.


Havana Club 7 Años

50 ml

Ginger Ale

100 ml

Large Lime Wedge


Ice cubes

  1. Fill a highball glass with the ice cubes.

  2. Add Havana Club 7 Años.

  3. Top up with no more than 100ml ginger ale per glass.

  4. Squeeze the juice of the lime wedge into the glass, garnish with another lime wedge and…salud!

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