Spiced Daiquiri


Fruity Rum Cocktail with Havana Club Cuban Spiced

Discover our Spiced Daiquiri recipe and enjoy the fresh taste of the most popular Cuban rum cocktail with a fruity twist. Fresh pineapple juice and Havana Club Cuban Spiced rum are added to this classic drink to give it a real island vibe.

Spiced Daiquiri

Cocktail for a Tropical Twist

Start the night right with this sweet, spice infused treat. The Spiced Daiquiri adds a warming, tropical twist to an iconic cocktail base. Shaken and strained, it requires attention to detail, but the result is an elegant, easy-drinking cocktail for any occasion.

The daiquiri is a classic Cuban rum cocktail. Its roots can be traced to the mine and beach of the same name, in the city of Santiago de Cuba. Like many rum-based cocktails, it gained recognition in the US when WWII made access to vodka and whisky more difficult. The popularity of the daiquiri then spread quickly across the world, establishing it as one of the most famous cocktails on Earth. Today you will find a daiquiri on pretty much every cocktail menu. The basic recipe has been reformulated and amended many times over, and there are now many variations of daiquiri. But at its heart, a daiquiri must always contain rum, lime juice and sugar.

The preparation

This recipe for a Spiced Daiquiri calls for a shaker and strainer, as well as ice, lime juice, pineapple juice, sugar syrup, and spiced rum. In this version, the use of spiced rum and the addition of pineapple juice give it the classic daiquiri both a pleasant kick and a tropical twist. For this recipe, you’ll need the rum Havana Club Cuban Spiced, a double aged rum blended with natural fruit essences and carefully selected spices. Experience notes of vanilla, pineapple, guava, coconut, and spices, this gives the cocktail a fuller flavour than a classic daiquiri which usually calls for white rum.

The Spiced Daiquiri drink is served chilled, but without ice, making it ideal for those who prefer cocktails which do not become diluted over time. From the first sip to the last, the taste, temperature and mouthfeel remain consistent in this twisted classic.

How to serve it

Ideally served in a coupe glass, acceptable substitutes include a martini glass, a margarita glass, and even a red wine glass. Finished with a garnish of pineapple slice and a spiral of lime peel, this peachy-coloured drink is an Instagram-worthy cocktail.

Serve with a selection of light, salty snacks, such as nuts, crisps and dip, or go full Cuban with a serving of traditional fried ‘platanos’ or plantain. The perfect sun downer, at home or on holiday, the daiquiri has long been enjoyed as a reward after a busy day. It’s also a popular party drink, and a good choice as an aperitif, thanks to its light nature.


Havana Club Cuban Spiced rum

50 ml

fresh pineapple juice

25 ml

Fresh Lime juice

15 ml

sugar syrup

15 ml

ice cubes

  1. 1. Put all your cocktail ingredients into a shaker

  2. 2. Fill shaker with ice

  3. 3. Shake hard until chilled

  4. 4. Double strain into a coupe glass

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