Top 5 bars
in La Havana

30 Mar. 2017
Hola habanero! Are you in town? Good news! We’ve spotted the perfect 5 spots for you to enjoy cocktails in Havana! Just follow us…
El Floridita

Why not start at Havana’s most famous? Take a field trip to El Floridita to enjoy a classic and authentic Daiquiri. Even Ernest Hemingway fell in love with this bar, will you be able to resist? 

La Guarida

Do you remember the movie Fresa y Chocolate? Of course you do! Well, go and sip a delicious cocktail where it was shot: La Guarida. The restaurant has become a mandatory stop for foreign celebrities. The bonus that changes everything? The rooftop of course. Have a Mojito with a view!

Esencia Habana

If you want to savour cocktails with friends in a place full of character, you should definitely go to the Esencia Habana. They have a very attractive cocktail menu and can serve you 1.5l portions to share in group. 

La Fabrica del Arte

Who said you could not ally cocktails and culture? You sure can in places like Callejon de Hamel or La Fabrica del Arte. One is the cradle of afro Cuban culture, the other one supports and promotes young Cuban artists.


Finally, if you want to go try a very original and alternative place, trust us and try Espacios. There you don’t just have a drink, you immerse yourselves in the atmosphere: there are several rooms decorated differently and with different styles of music. Just choose your favourite! 

Now that you have all the informations you need, stroll around the streets of La Havana and search for these spots!