Havana Club x Pigalle Limited Edition


Havana Club x Pigalle Limited Edition


French fashion label Pigalle Paris led by designer Stéphane Ashpool and Havana Club have collaborated to launch an exclusive limited-edition capsule collection and bottle of Havana 7. The partnership is a celebration of the joyful mediums of music and dance and their ability to inspire and connect us.

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This partnership between Pigalle Paris and Havana Club praises colors and culture, which are at the heart of Ashpool’s lifetime work. The same spirit the artist infuses into his vivid clothing collections or brightly painted iconic basketball playgrounds continues here with this unique release which notably consists of a limited edition bottle of Havana Club 7 Years Old, a leather jacket, a box logo tee, a full tracksuit & accessories.
Havana Club x Pigalle Limited Edition
Havana Club x Pigalle Limited Edition Havana Club x Pigalle Limited Edition
Havana Club x Pigalle Limited Edition Ashpool

The Collection

The collaboration between the artist, his fashion brand Pigalle Paris and Havana Club pays tribute to Stéphane’s days in Cuba, which in his own words “have changed his life”. It aims to celebrate togetherness, building upon common values: strong commitment towards local communities and constant advocacy for diversity and inclusivity.

Stéphane Ashpool has always been inspired by the world of music and rhythm. From his very first block parties and late-night jam sessions thrown in the top stories of Paris hotels to his acclaimed Pigalle runway shows, it is clear that music, colors & a powerful sense of community have always served as the cultural cornerstones that have supported Ashpool’s vibrant creative career.

Visiting Cuba for the first time, Stéphane was quite naturally captivated by Havana’s local music & dancing scene and the effervescent energy of its people. This vibrant world, fueled by the warming taste of Havana Club rum, resonated with Stéphane’s own story. After all, his mother was a professional dancer, and growing up in Paris Stéphane was always surrounded by many different cultures and rhythms. For him, Cuba felt like a celebration of both his past and present, and that’s how he spent the next few days: meeting and bonding with local communities, savouring their way of life.

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