Party Makers
Party Makers

Yoan Prat


Yoan understands multiculturalism – born in France, his family moved 11 times , included Africa before settling in Paris when he was 14. Before creating YARD with Tom Brunet, Yoan founded a creative studio and a French music TV channel OFIVE.

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YARD is not a media.
It’s way more than that.
YARD is a community.
Showcasing the diversity, the culture and the energy of our youth.
Alleged by the trendsetters, Consume by the early adopters, understand by the mainstream’s.
We can talk about everything if it please us : Music, Sports, Society, Arts, etc …
We prefer to do less, but to try to do it better, deeper, louder.
By producing our own content only both ways : IRL & ONLINE
With 3 purposes always on our mind : Be there, Speak right, Do good.

Yoan Prat:

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