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Jon Tyler


Born in 1990 in Brussels, Belgium, Jon Tyler is the founder and artistic director of Bloody Louis, Brussels biggest nightclub.

After organizing a few parties here and there in Belgium, his Bloody Louis adventure started in 2013 when he was 23 years old, in his own words: « It was time to create my own boat instead of keeping on jumping from boat to boat, I had to write my own story. »

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In this period he managed to bring artists on stage performing such as Drake (twice), Migos, Future, Major Lazer, Damso, Travis Scott (twice), Ciara, Tory Lanez & many more.

In 2016 he founded and lead the artistic direction of the festival Fire is Gold. This year they reached more than 12.000 people in a day for the very first time.

Start young, start big.

Jon Tyler:

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