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Ciesay was born in south east London and raised in Gambia, his fondness for travelling and connecting with different cultures around the world has always been ingrained in him.

Ciesay’s love for film and photography began when he was a young child and it has developed more and more over the years. He studied film production in university and left with more experience, knowledge and a more intense love for the art.

Over the years, Ciesay has made a name for himself through his art of photography, creative directing and dj-ing. In 2013, Ciesay and his friend – now business partner – Soulz, created their very own brand – places+faces. P+F began as a way for Ciesay and Soulz to document the culture they’re a part of, photograph, travel, work and have fun whilst doing so.

Initially, P+F designed hoodies as an innovative way to promote their website without having to distribute business cards. The hoodies featured a reflective 3M material which meant that when photographed the 3M would black everything out and only the logo would reflect and be seen; this became very popular and a demand for it grew rapidly.

Ciesay and Soulz decided to start selling the hoodies and get more creative in their designing. Soon after, the hoodie was seen worn by the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Skepta, a$ap mob, Playboi Carti, kohh, Keith ape, Sarah Snyder and many more influential people. Places+Faces – U.K’s photography, lifestyle, music, clothing and photography brand was born.

Years later Ciesay and Soulz have accomplished a multitude of things through places+faces. They have toured the world whilst hosting pop-up shops and throwing parties. Collaborated with companies such as G-shock, Guess Jeans, Havana Club, gentle monster. Collaborated with musicians such as Unknown T, Amine, Aj Tracey and Daniel Caesar to create merch for their worldwide tours. As well as their clothing and magazines being stocked in U.K., Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, USA and many more.


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