Havana Club Grounds Brussels

We invited Brussel's creative community to come work and create together around three creative workshops: DJ-ing, Fashion and Photography followed by a masterclass hosted by BXL’s inspiring talents, who shared their journey to success. This full creative day ended with a unique party reuniting Brussels' creative scene.



DJ-ing DJ-ing

DJs Zoey Hasselbank and Ekany shared their guidance and techniques with attendees on how to make the best DJ set and the path it takes to make it into the music and party industry.


Photography Photography

Attendees could learn how to shoot an editorial during a Photography workshop hosted by Alexandre Brehm and Julia Rosca who also explained the reality of a photographer’s complete work.


Fashion Fashion

Design & Merch

Guidance and practice on merch production were given by Red Lerouge and Bootlegz on exclusive pieces to learn the importance of merch and how to make it successful, from the roots of Brussels to the world.


Expert Talk Expert Talk

How to emerge as a creative

Based on their respective journeys and expertises, Brussels’ creatives Jeny Bsg, Carl Knight, Jon Tyler and Laure Fornier shared their route to success from each other’s fields : dance, content creation, fashion, party expertise… This discussion was followed by a large exchange session with the audience on a Q&A basis.


Drag & Slide