What makes Especial special?

20 Nov. 2017

Especial is a rum like no other! Havana Club’s unique double-ageing process gives it a special depth and sweetness perfect for creating the ultimate Cuba Libre cocktail.

With its amber colour, smooth finish and soft vanilla notes Especial is one of a kind – all thanks to its unique double-ageing process. If Havana Club 3 Años is matured for a minimum of three years in barrels previously used for maturing American bourbon, Especial goes one step further: it is then transferred and double-aged in fresh Irish whiskey barrels. This distinctive method gives it a gamut of flavours and exceptional sweetness that perfectly complements cola and lime to take the Cuba Libre to the next level. Our master blenders have done the hard work, making this the perfect base for uncomplicated cocktails, leaving you more time to have fun!

What about the double ageing process?

Complex rum, Simple drink

To make the ultimate Cuba Libre use no more than two measures of premium cola for one of Especial (for instance, 50 ml of Especial to 100 ml of cola). Fill a highball glass with ice cubes, pour in the Especial, top up with cola, then squeeze the juice of a lime wedge and garnish with another fresh lime wedge.

Especial’s spicy, vanilla and caramel notes also lend themselves particularly well to ginger ale and apple juice, and can even be enhanced with bitters for a fresh, modern take on the Old Fashioned. Try our Cuban Ginger, Especial Ginger Ale, Especial Treacle or Basil Babo – or try your own twists. With Especial the simpler the cocktail the better the taste.