Havana Club 7 Sopico Edition

Sopico x Havana Club 7 LIMITED EDITION

14 May. 2019
Sopico, a multifaceted artist, has drawn on his personal creative and street universe to create the Havana Club 7 limited edition. Sopico sets no limits when it is a matter of expressing his creativity.

Discovered in 2016, Sopico is a multifaceted artist, including designer. For this Havana Club 7 limited edition, Sopico imagined his design by taking inspiration from and mixing the aesthetic and graphic codes of his world.
He also wanted to include personal references: his signature, his writing but also the GPS coordinates of his home district and Havana, Havana Club's home city. Creative & arty, Sopico designs his own merchandising and artistic direction for his own clips. Discover his latest interview with Shoes Up, the magazine specialized in street culture in France, you can discover his selection of the moment and his passion for clothes.


Sopico also shared with Shoes Up the secrets of creating his limited bottle. The Pastel colours are for him a way to " remember the color codes of my universe which can be soft as well as dark. ». He also explains his work on typography, he wishes to make an eye on street art, he did not hesitate to use the manuscript on his Havana Club 7 bottle inspired by artists like Rask or Banksy.

Read full story on Shoes Up


The collaboration with Sopico began 1 year ago now, with an exclusive concert for the opening of the Plaza Havana Club 2018 which took place at Café A in Paris. The artist had the opportunity to present his latest project to us: .

Havana Cancha

In order to enjoy this new limited-edition Havana Club 7, we have created our signature cocktail: the Havana Cancha, a longdrink version of the Canchanchara.
The recipe is very simple:

  • 2 cl Honey water*
  • 5 cl of sparkling water
  • 2 cl Fresh lime juice
  • 1 Lime wedge
  • 3 Ice cubes
*Half honey & half warm water

In a glass, add the liquid honey and lime juice, mix until the liquid honey dissolves. Add Havana Club 7-year-old rum, sparkling water and ice cubes. Garnish with a lime wedge & that's it, you can enjoy your Havana Cancha !