Fruity Rum Punch Recipe with Havana Club Especial

This juicy, fruity punch recipe with the golden rum Havana Club Especial is super easy to prepare for parties! And there is no need to be too precise either – simply use a cup or other vessel to measure out the cocktail recipe in “parts”, then mix it up in a large bowl to serve your friends.

Especial Punch

The Story of Punch

Get the party started with this sublime, refreshing rum punch. With a blend of fruit juices, sour notes, sweetness, and Havana Club’s Especial rum, this is the perfect centerpiece for a celebratory get-together.

Punch has come to be a catch-all term for a fruit mixture which is served in a bowl. It can be used to describe both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Arguably, one of the oldest cocktails on Earth, the fruity alcoholic punch actually has Indian origins. The addition of rum is what made punch into what it is today.

Putting the Punch Together

Although punches can vary when it comes to ingredients, a traditional rum punch will always contain fruit juice, sour flavours, a sweetener or two, and of course rum. In this fruit punch variant, we recommend using Havana Club Especial, a blended golden rum that balances the lightness of white rum with the rounder flavour of darker rums. The award-winning Especial has notes of cinnamon, vanilla, oak, and orange, making it perfect for a party punch.

How to Serve This Summer Drink

Thanks to its alcohol to juice and water ratio, this easy drinking punch lends itself perfectly to an afternoon cocktail. Ideal for a BBQ, party, picnic or any social event that will continue into the night. In fact, it’s possible to make it even lighter by simply reducing the quantity of rum.

By definition, this fruity punch should be served in a ‘punch bowl’, although any large bowl will do. Use a ladle to sling into tumblers, or indeed any wide-brimmed glass. Of course, the joy of a punch is that guests can serve themselves.

This fruity, sour rum-based punch is a superb summer drink for any occasion.



Havana Club Especial rum

2 parts

Lime Juice

1 part

Orange Juice

1 part

Pink Grapefruit Juice

1 part

Honey Water (2 parts honey and 1 part warm water)

1 part

with Soda Water

Top up

Ice Cubes

6 cups
  1. Take a large bowl and choose a vessel to measure your “parts” (for example, a large cup).

  2. Pour in the honey and warm water. Stir until the honey is completely dissolved and then leave your honey water to chill.

  3. Pour in the lime juice, orange juice, pink grapefruit juice and the golden Havana Club Especial parts.

  4. Fill up the bowl with ice and stir again.

  5. Serve from the bowl into cups and top them up with a splash of soda…Cheers!