Añejo 7

The original dark Cuban sipping rum, Havana 7 is rich with layers of Cuban flavours best discovered with close friends, and time on your hands.
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This dark rum, matured in barrels for generations, reveals the rich natural flavours of Cuba.
Havana 7 holds the tastes of the Cuban Terroir. Aromatic tobacco, the sweet tropical fruits of the Cuban garden, molasses, spices and vanilla from a long ageing process unfold, enhanced by the slow release of aromas.
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Rum Old Fashioned

A classic that reveals the true quality of the spirit


Meet the grandfather of the Mojito and the Daiquiri

7 Presidente

A Presidente that will rule your palate
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Discover the deep flavours of HC7
Add your own touch to our rum and bring out Cuban aromatic flavours. For instance take a bite of fresh orange, or place slices of ginger and lime on top of the ice before you sip the rum.
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