From Havana Club’s Icónica collection, a unique rum, deeply rooted in Cuban culture and heritage.
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The result of a perfect pairing, smooth, rich and powerfully aromatic

Richly aromatic on the nose, balancing oak and smoke with subtle tones of citrus, coconut, dried fruits and coffee. On the palate it is softly woody, accented with sweet vanilla, chocolate and dried fruit flavours, with a very aromatic finish.

Time to savour
With an impressively deep amber glow due to its long natural ageing: Unión is more than flavors, it's also a wonderful sight
Time to savour
The fruitful collaboration of Maestro del Ron Cubano Asbel Morales and Master Habana sommelier Fernando Fernandez Milian originates in Unión: an intense and rich rum that balances with the smoothness of cigars to create a unique tasting experience
Time to savour
Havana Club Unión is a rum with a rich aromatic finish that makes it the ideal ally for cigar connoisseurs
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La copa seca

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