From Havana Club’s Icónica collection, a unique annual release that champions the excellence and variety of styles in Cuban rum.

Powerful &
Deep &
velvety fullness
Rich flavours of tropical dried fruits, coconut and oak make the first Tributo a vintage release to savour

The 2016 release of Tributo displays an exceptionally clear amber appearance. Its years of natural ageing in white oak barrels result in a full-bodied rum whose tropical dried fruit aromas are felt on the nose. Coconut and oak combine in a sweet and woody taste with aromatic coffee and the return of dried fruits in a sweet, lingering finish.

Time to savour
Carefully blended by our Maestro del Ron Cubano, Havana Club Tributo gives off a deep amber glow
Time to savour
Tasting Havana Club Tributo is a unique and high quality experience full of rich aroma balanced with all its components
Time to savour
Maestro del Ron Cubano Asbel Morales delivers here his most important contribution to his art. Tributo is a powerful, clear and full-bodied blend that testifies of years of natural ageing in ancient white oak barrels
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