Máximo Extra

From Havana Club’s Icónica collection, the condensed soul and supreme expression of Cuban rum, handcrafted from the finest and oldest rum reserves.

Silky &
Intense yet
Dark chocolate and dried fruits accent a palate of exciting contrasts

Oak and smoky notes on the nose are balanced with subtle tones of fresh pear, coconut and dried fruit. Both dry and sweet, its woody palate imparts a silky opulence and a cascade of flavours accented by dark chocolate, luscious dried fruits and a hint of vanilla. A warm, enduring finish persists with spicy notes.

Time to savour
Máximo is an exclusive rum darkened by prolonged ageing. It wholly demonstrates the generosity of generations of Maestros del Rum Cubano
Time to savour
Created using the oldest and rarest rums from our cellars, Máximo is the perfect balance between the smokiness of the oak and the freshness of the pear
Time to savour
Máximo expresses the supreme art of Cuban rum making through a powerfully smooth rum with a woody taste, enhanced by notes of vanilla and chocolate
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