15 años

From Havana Club’s Icónica collection, an exceptionally smooth and elegant rum that reveals a multitude of well-integrated flavours.

Rare &
Cascade of
Exceptional ageing in old oak barrels creates a symphony that unfolds, note by note

Dried fruits, prunes and raisins stand out from the rich aroma with oak notes before a cascade of flavours wash over the palate: sweet fruit, coffee, chocolate, tobacco and spices, followed by a long, sweet aftertaste of vanilla and cocoa notes.

Time to savour
The old white oak barrels lead this rum to have a clear, bright and full-bodied blend, enhanced by a mahogany colour
Time to savour
This limited edition, the very best of Havana Club's reserves, is the combination of a rich dried fruit, prune and raison aromas underlined by oak tones
Time to savour
Cuba's tropical climate explains the smooth cascade of well-integrated flavours that will overwhelm any connoisseur
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